Yet Another Discovery!

Last year the Board of Director’s discovered that the water bills exceeded what was budgeted for in our annual budget.  Some suspected that the Town of Frederick may be using our water meter in the front of the subdivision.  Countryside owns the parcel of land where the monument sign and flag are located, but the Town owns the property to the east along Tipple Parkway.  The Board approached the Town about their suspicion last fall, but nothing was ever addressed further.

This spring, when the water was turned on for the sprinklers, a broken water valve was discovered.  It was along the main water line.  Noticing the town's irrigation along the parkeway was also disabled, forced the Town to admit to using Countryside’s water meter.  The town finally reached out to us to let us know they couldn’t water without it being repaired, but offered no solution to the repair.

Fixing the water valve would have been a substantial cost to the Association.  Instead, the board elected to cap off the main line at the valve at a much lower price.  This repair cut the water running to the town's irrigation system.

In a meeting, prior to fixing the water valve, it was determined by the Town that 69.7% of the water usage was their responsibility.  They would only credit the HOA back five years, resulting in a $3500 credit for that meter.   The credit should pay for the water used at this meter for the next three to four years.

The Board of Director’s goals were to have the town recognize the monies owed, to offer restitution, and to establish their own water supply.  The board was successful in all of their goals.